About Mean Louie

Faber est suae quisque fortunae. 
Each is the creator of his own fortune.
In 2016 I was in business school, working on a group project. The results were so intriguing that the project turned into a webshop featuring Belgian spirits. A year and a, innumerable gin and tonics, and quite a few bar bills later, I was ready for the next challenge: my own spirits label.

Rum is right next to gin in my spirits hall of fame. I was fascinated by the history behind rum and the terrific cocktail base that rum makes. For Mean Louie, even though he’s a tough guy, I wanted to blend high-quality Caribbean rums for a bottle full of pure elegance. You have to try it yourself to find out whether Louie is really mean, or just a renegade who knows how rum should be blended.

Little did I know in my early student days that I’d found my passion in the liquor business, but sometimes life takes fantastic turns. Imagining and bringing to the bottle a family of the finest quality spirits and liqueurs is what gets me up every morning. I live by the slogan Faber est suae quisque fortunae. Powered by my vision and love for what I do, the company has evolved. Today The Gouwkens Liquor Company is a family of spirits including Bravado Gin, Mean Louie’s Rum, and Eperimenti dell’ Alchimista, a mesmerising orange liqueur. I invite you to experience them – all designed to reward
and inspire.
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