Mean Louie's Rum

Artisanal Blended Rum

Mean Louie's story

Is ‘Mean’ Louie really as mean as they say? Nah. He’s a renegade on a mission: he refuses to follow the standard practice of adding this and that to good rum. Or any other rule, for that matter, that gets in the way of creating a fine, elegant rum with only the purest, highest quality ingredients. No additives, no sh**. A whole lot of intensely satisified people thank the ‘spirits’ for this exquisitely smooth rum from the “mean” blender with the soul of an outlaw and the palate of an epicurist.

Mean Louie’s Rum: for the renegade in all of us
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About the rum

A premium blend of four Caribbean rums, each one aged from 3 to 5 years. Elegant and pure, without any added caramel or coloring. Notes of ripe exotic fruit are sweetly interspersed with floral aromas such as honey, jasmine and vanilla. Mean Louie’s Rum is excellent both as a digestive and as a base for rum cocktails.
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